Hi, I am Cambria! I am a multi-faceted artist and create all forms of art from paintings to sculptures. My passion for photography, however, grew in high school when I took my first photography course.  Having an art background already gave me a bit of an upper hand in composition and creativity and my photography teacher took notice and worked with me one-on-one on extra projects to help further my knowledge and hone in on the craft. It was the one class I bothered to actually show up for in my high school days (I was a bit of a rebel, or so I thought). Working with my teacher she helped me get one of my photographs into an exhibit for students at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City which was an amazing achievement for me. 

Since high school, I have hardly put my camera down. I am always looking for great and unusual shots in the world around me.  I have even spent a lot of time on the other end of the camera as well which I feel helps me in making sure the people I photograph are comfortable and know personally what it takes and feels like to get those amazing shots. Portrait photography is really my passion in life. Helping others achieve that same feeling of "wow" and a sense of confidence that I feel when I am on the other side of the lens is what drives me. I love to make people feel good about themselves or see themselves in a way that maybe they don't see every day.

In 2018 I began shooting photographs for Suicidegirls and continue to work with them shooting pin-up style nude portraits. 

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